Soap carving Christmas tree

Soap carving is a fun and creative way to make a unique Christmas tree decoration. It is a great activity for all ages and can be done with just a few simple tools. With a little bit of patience and creativity, you can create a beautiful and unique Christmas tree that will be the envy of all your friends and family. Soap carving is a great way to get creative and make something special for the holiday season. So grab your tools and get ready to create a one-of-a-kind Christmas tree!

My Step-by-Step Guide to Soap Carving a Christmas Tree

As the holiday season approaches, I always look for creative ways to add a personal touch to my decorations. This year, I decided to try my hand at soap carving to create a beautiful Christmas tree ornament. Join me on this journey as I guide you through the process of soap carving a festive Christmas tree from a simple bar of soap.

Materials Needed:

  1. A bar of soap: I recommend using a white or light-colored soap as it’s easier to see your carving lines.
  2. A carving knife or a set of carving tools.
  3. A pencil or a washable marker for sketching your design.
  4. Sandpaper (optional) for smoothing rough edges.
  5. A small paintbrush and acrylic paints (optional) for adding color.

Step 1: Choose Your Soap and Design

Begin by selecting a bar of soap that is easy to carve. Ivory soap is a popular choice due to its soft texture, but any mild, uncolored soap will work. Now, envision the design you want for your Christmas tree. You can go for a classic evergreen look or get creative with your design, adding ornaments, stars, or even snowflakes.

Step 2: Sketch Your Tree

Use a pencil or a washable marker to draw an outline of your Christmas tree on the soap. Start with a triangle shape for the tree itself and add branches, one layer at a time, gradually decreasing in size as you move up the tree. Don’t worry about perfection; you can always refine your lines as you carve.

Step 3: Begin Carving

Now comes the fun part—carving! Using your carving knife or tools, carefully follow the lines you’ve drawn to create the shape of your tree. Be patient and take your time, especially if you’re new to carving. Start by carving the tree’s outline and then gradually carve away the excess soap to create the tree’s three-dimensional form.

Step 4: Add Details

After you’ve carved the basic shape of your tree, you can add some details. You can create texture on the tree’s branches by making small, shallow cuts to mimic the look of needles. You can also carve out spaces for ornaments, stars, or any other decorations you’d like to include.

Step 5: Smooth Rough Edges (Optional)

If you want a polished look, you can use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges or imperfections in your soap carving. This step is entirely optional and depends on the level of refinement you desire for your ornament.

Step 6: Paint (Optional)

If you’d like to add some color to your soap carving, acrylic paints are a great option. Use a small paintbrush to carefully apply paint to your tree, decorating it as you wish. Let the paint dry completely before moving on.

Step 7: Finish and Display

Once your soap carving is complete and any paint has dried, you’re ready to display your beautiful Christmas tree ornament! You can attach a string or ribbon to hang it on your tree or use it as a decorative piece around your home.

Soap carving a Christmas tree is a wonderful and creative way to add a personalized touch to your holiday decorations. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or trying it for the first time, this step-by-step guide should help you create a stunning ornament that you can cherish for years to come. So, grab your soap and carving tools, and let your artistic talents shine this holiday season!

Creative Soap Carving Ideas

  • Create a festive Christmas tree out of white soap and decorate it with snowflakes and stars.
  • Carve a Christmas tree out of green soap and add a touch of sparkle with glitter.
  • Carve a Christmas tree out of red and white soap and decorate it with candy canes.
  • Carve a Christmas tree out of brown soap and decorate it with gingerbread men and women.
  • Carve a Christmas tree out of blue soap and decorate it with stars and moons.
  • Carve a Christmas tree out of brown soap and decorate it with reindeer and snowflakes.
  • Carve a Christmas tree out of white soap and decorate it with icicles and snowflakes.
  • Carve a Christmas tree out of white soap and decorate it with snowmen and snowflakes.
  • Carve a Christmas tree out of white soap and decorate it with angels and stars.
  • Carve a Christmas tree out of red soap and decorate it with Santa and his reindeer.

Tips for Making a Soap Carving Christmas Tree with Kids

  1. Gather your supplies: soap, a carving knife, a cutting board, and a few toothpicks.
  2. Start by carving the trunk of the tree. Use the carving knife to make a straight line down the center of the soap.
  3. Now it’s time to carve the branches. Start at the top of the trunk and carve out curved lines to create the branches.
  4. To make the tree look more realistic, use the toothpicks to carve out small details like leaves and pine needles.
  5. Once you’ve finished carving, it’s time to decorate! Use paint, glitter, and other craft supplies to make your tree look festive.
  6. Finally, display your masterpiece! Place your soap carving Christmas tree on a mantel or shelf and enjoy your handiwork.

Unique Soap Carving Christmas Tree Ornaments to Make This Year

This holiday season, why not try something new and craft your own unique soap carving Christmas tree ornaments? With a few simple tools and a bit of creativity, you can create beautiful, one-of-a-kind decorations that will add a special touch to your tree.

Lisa Mandel
Lisa Mandel

To get started, you’ll need a bar of soap, a sharp knife, and a few other tools such as a toothpick, a small saw, and a file. Once you have your supplies, you can begin carving your ornament. Start by sketching out a design on the soap with a pencil. Then, use the knife to carefully carve out the shape. You can use the saw to create intricate details, and the file to smooth out any rough edges.

Once your ornament is finished, you can add a bit of sparkle with some glitter or paint. You can also add a ribbon or string to hang it from the tree.

Soap carving is a fun and creative way to make unique Christmas tree ornaments. With a little bit of effort, you can create beautiful decorations that will be cherished for years to come.


Soap carving Christmas trees are a fun and creative way to celebrate the holiday season. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also provide a great opportunity to bond with family and friends. With a few simple tools and a little bit of creativity, anyone can create a unique and beautiful Christmas tree that will be a cherished holiday decoration for years to come.

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