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Ahoy there, pumpkin enthusiasts! If you, like me, are a fan of both the mystical allure of mermaids and the age-old tradition of pumpkin carving, then you’re in for a treat. This year, I decided to merge these two passions and embark on a journey to create a pumpkin mermaid. Let me guide you through my magical process.

My Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Choose Your Canvas

Just as every mermaid is unique, so is every pumpkin. I went on a hunt for one that was evenly shaped and had a smooth side, which would be the perfect canvas for my mermaid design. The more symmetrical and blemish-free the pumpkin, the easier your carving experience will be.

Step 2: Designing the Mermaid

I sketched my mermaid design on a piece of paper first, ensuring it had the right balance of detail and simplicity. Think flowing hair, a detailed tail, and maybe a seashell or starfish friend. Once happy with my design, I transferred it onto the pumpkin using a water-based marker.

Step 3: Set the Stage

To make carving easier, I first cut a circle around the stem at the top and removed the pumpkin lid. Scooping out the innards was next. Using a large spoon, I scraped the insides clean, ensuring that the walls were even to make carving smoother.

Step 4: The Carving Begins

With my design in place, I took a small, sharp knife and began carving, starting with the smaller and more intricate parts of the mermaid, like her facial features. I found it helpful to keep my design sketch nearby as a reference.

Step 5: Add Some Depth

To give the mermaid’s tail and hair some texture and depth, I shaved off the pumpkin’s skin in some areas rather than cutting all the way through. This created a beautiful contrast and brought my mermaid to life.

Step 6: Light It Up

With my mermaid carving complete, I placed a tea light candle inside the pumpkin, ensuring it was centrally located. The glow emanating from within was magical, casting a beautiful silhouette of my mermaid.

Step 7: Display With Pride

Proud of my masterpiece, I chose a special spot for display, ensuring that it could be admired from all angles. Accompanied by some seashells and driftwood, my pumpkin mermaid became the showstopper of my Halloween decor.

Step 8: Share the Magic

Of course, I couldn’t keep this beauty to myself. I took photos and shared them on my social media, inspiring others to dive deep into their imaginations and try their hand at carving their own magical designs.

Carving a pumpkin mermaid was a delightful adventure, merging the spirit of Halloween with the enchantment of the sea. It was a reminder that with a bit of creativity, you can transform the ordinary into something truly extraordinary. So, the next time you pick up a pumpkin and a carving knife, remember: the only limit is your imagination. Dive deep, and happy carving! ????????‍♀️


  1. Start by sketching out your design. Mermaids are beautiful creatures, so you can get creative with your design. Think about the colors you want to use and the details you want to include.
  2. Once you have your design, it’s time to start carving. Use a sharp knife to cut out the basic shape of the mermaid. Make sure to leave some of the pumpkin flesh intact to give your mermaid a more realistic look.
  3. Now it’s time to add the details. Use a small knife to carve out the mermaid’s hair, eyes, and other features. You can also use a toothpick to add small details like scales or shells.
  4. To give your mermaid a bit of sparkle, use a drill to make small holes in the pumpkin. Place a small LED light inside the pumpkin and the light will shine through the holes, giving your mermaid a magical glow.
  5. Finally, add a few finishing touches. You can use paint or glitter to give your mermaid a unique look. You can also add a few accessories like a starfish or a seashell.

With a bit of creativity and patience, you can create a beautiful mermaid pumpkin for Halloween. Have fun and be sure to share your masterpiece with your friends and family!

Creative Ideas

  • A mermaid with a pumpkin shell! Carve a pumpkin to look like a mermaid’s shell and add a tail and fins to complete the look.
  • A mermaid with a pumpkin face! Carve a pumpkin to look like a mermaid’s face, complete with a starfish crown and seashell earrings.
  • A mermaid with a pumpkin boat! Carve a pumpkin to look like a boat and add a mermaid figurehead to the front.
  • A mermaid with a pumpkin fish! Carve a pumpkin to look like a fish and add a mermaid riding on top.
  • A mermaid with a pumpkin castle! Carve a pumpkin to look like a castle and add a mermaid figure to the top.
  • A mermaid with a pumpkin wave! Carve a pumpkin to look like a wave and add a mermaid riding the crest.
  • A mermaid with a pumpkin shell necklace! Carve a pumpkin to look like a necklace and add a mermaid charm.
  • A mermaid with a pumpkin seahorse! Carve a pumpkin to look like a seahorse and add a mermaid riding on top.
  • A mermaid with a pumpkin coral reef! Carve a pumpkin to look like a coral reef and add a mermaid swimming among the coral.
  • A mermaid with a pumpkin treasure chest! Carve a pumpkin to look like a treasure chest and add a mermaid figure to the top.

The Best Pumpkin Carving Mermaid Designs for Halloween

Ahoy, mateys! Get ready to set sail for a Halloween adventure with these creative and cheerful pumpkin carving mermaid designs. Whether you’re a seasoned pumpkin carver or a novice, these designs will have you feeling like a master carver in no time.

Lisa Mandel
Lisa Mandel

For a classic mermaid look, carve a pumpkin with a beautiful mermaid tail and a smiling face. You can add a few extra details like seashells, starfish, and seaweed to make it even more magical. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try carving a mermaid riding a seahorse or a mermaid with a trident.

If you’re looking for something a bit more whimsical, try carving a mermaid with a crown of flowers or a mermaid with a treasure chest. You can also carve a mermaid with a school of fish or a mermaid with a mermaid friend.

No matter which design you choose, your mermaid pumpkin carving will be sure to make a splash this Halloween. So grab your carving tools and get ready to make some mermaid magic!


Pumpkin carving mermaids are a fun and creative way to celebrate fall. They can be used to decorate your home, or to give as gifts to friends and family. With a little bit of creativity and some basic carving tools, you can create a beautiful and unique mermaid pumpkin that will be sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

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