About me

Hi, my name is Lisa Mandel, and I’m an owner of this page. I’ve always loved making things since I can remember. Paper crafts, little trinkets, birdhouses with my dad Joseph — you name it, I tried it. It’s almost a meditative state when you take anything available and turn it into something beautiful or simply useful. You lose a track of time, forget your meals and just craft non-stop.

I have a degree in history and I work in the same field. Despite being busy all the time, I never give up on my hobby, and at the end of the day, I return to my little workshop. My husband and children give me giant support, and sometimes even join me in the creation process.

Lisa Mandel

On this website, I would like to share my ideas and work. I’m interested in these topics:

  • Fruit and vegetable carving;
  • Needlework;
  • and all sorts of DIY.

I hope that my posts will be useful and inspiring for you. And can’t wait to hear about your masterpieces.

Sincerely, Lisa.

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